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Cloud Solutions and Services

Accelerate cloud adoption while moving your organization forward

Amazon Connect


Only needing a few minutes to set up, Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that allows organizations to provide seamless customer experiences across voice and chat

Alignment & Roadmap Services

Paragon's proprietary, AI-based tools — Apex and Atlas — along with guidance from our expert consultants provide you the actionable insights and path forward essential for successful cloud adoption and business impact

Cloud Adoption Services

Paragon provides a comprehensive set of services and capabilities to help you plan, build, migrate, manage and optimize cloud technologies and services so you can efficiently modernize your critical infrastructure and applications.

Amazon Connect - CXE Contact Center Solution

Paragon Cloud Services helps you more effectively interact with your most valuable customers. Exceptional customer experience starts with your agents. Enable them to navigate customer sentiment, and adjust to the changing customer needs in real-time. The seamless omnichannel platform Amazon Connect will result in a personalized and dynamic customer experience through voice and chat.

With the built-in intelligence of Amazon Connect, you can leverage the power of AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to produce elevated experiences for the customer.

Watch a Connect video and learn more here

Call us today to learn more about Amazon Connect, Paragon's CXE Call Center Solution.

Amazon Connect is made available through Amazon Web Services where Paragon is a proud APN Partner



What we do

  • Master consultants advise, lead, coach and prepare your teams.
  • In other cases, our expert resources do the heavy lifting required to move you forward. 
  • As with all Paragon services, our intent is to work with you to enable the necessary skills to sustain continued improvement without our repeated assistance.

How we do it

We recognize that cloud technologies must fit into your overall IT ecosystem of people, process, technology, and business alignment.

And this IT ecosystem must be effectively managed using key measures and metrics.

What you get

Paragon is focused on equipping you and your IT team to engage with your end customers and their unique needs. With Amazon Connect, you can leverage the cloud for business growth, agility, and transformation.
  • Customers expect highly
    personalized interactions that anticipate and solve their needs-not just shorten their wait times - Connect delivers this.
  • Amazon Connect is an easy-to-launch-and-use omnichannel cloud contact center platform that enables superior customer experiences at up to 80% lower costs.
  • The customer experience is no longer secondary to the product or service; customers are interacting across a wider array of channels, with higher expectations. Every interaction may now have far-reaching implications for both customers and organizations.

How you use it

Paragon's Technology Enablement Solutions unlock the relationship between your business and your customers.  

  • A modest lift in customer satisfaction can result in a massive boost in revenue to an enterprise. Amazon Connect’s cloud-based omnichannel contact center helps enterprises modernize their contact center and deliver superior experiences at scale.
  • Built in AI/ML intelligence to help you manage each customer interaction
  •  Contact centers are key to creating the overall customer experience. In the modern age, they need the agility and scalability to move beyond
    on-premises and legacy solutions and shift to more nimble
    work-from-anywhere and omnichannel scenarios.

Alignment & Roadmap Services

Apex by Paragon

We start by understanding your current state, including your strategy and struggles.

To deploy cloud solutions effectively, key pre-requisites must be met. We have identified these pre-requisites through our extensive knowledge base and our AI software, Apex and Atlas.

Working with our AI-based software and master consultants, we address your IT ecosystem of people, process, technology, and business alignment with enough options to ensure the right solutions are integrated into your environment.

We don’t want to address every possible solution (this will just add to your workload, increase stress, and cause confusion), but on what to jointly focus on with your team, to produce an outcome-based prioritized plan.

The goal is to identify bottlenecks within your organization that are constraining you from proceeding with cloud adoption and achieving greater value out of your cloud ecosystem.

What we do

  • Taking a 30K foot view of your current state with key KPIs will assist us in defining or confirming your mission-aligned goals and the potential outcomes of our specific next steps. 
  • In just a few hours of your time, we assess the current state of your organization.
  • Further exploration identifies pre-requisite IT capabilities you need to build to achieve the next level of cloud maturity. 

How we do it

We focus on meeting you where you are and identifying the next steps you need to take to advance your cloud practice.  
Using Paragon’s Apex and Atlas maturity-modeling software with some high-level information you provide, we will quickly pinpoint the current state of IT and develop a tailored roadmap.

What you get

We create an actionable plan focused on the next set of steps you need to take to move the IT organization and cloud adoption further.

  • A summary of current IT risk, cost, and maturity 
  • A gap analysis review of current low-hanging fruit and opportunities
  • A dynamic, customized plan to address the specifics of your cloud strategy

How you use it

This will create confidence in you and your teams ability to drive success with a trust-based partnership with Paragon and AWS.

You will also be able to further demonstrate your business value with mutually agreed expectations and definitions of success.

By improving IT maturity and cloud adoption readiness, you will be able to make cloud buying decisions quickly, deploy solutions confidently, and recognize measurable value predictably. 

Cloud Adoption Services

Atlas by Paragon
Paragon provides a comprehensive set of services and capabilities to help you plan, build, migrate, manage and optimize cloud technologies and services so you can efficiently modernize your critical infrastructure and applications. 
You want to move to the cloud but don’t know where to start. You need a clear strategy, an accurate inventory of existing infrastructure and applications, methods and tools to migrate, and a high-level event schedule and appropriate budget to fund the project.

You want to accelerate cloud adoption and transformative digital enablement of your organizations. 

You recognize that you're not getting the most out of your cloud deployments or there's room for continual improvement. 




What we do

  • Cloud Business Case
  • Cloud Design & Architecture
  • Cloud Migration
  • CloudOps Service Blocks & Managed CloudOps
  • DevOps Service Blocks & Managed DevOps
  • Cloud FinOps
  • Asset Inventory/Management
  • Backup/Recovery/One-Click DR
  • Cloud Check-Up
  • Well-Architected Reviews
  • Cloud Spend Analysis, including ROI Analysis
  • Cloud Optimization

How we do it

Through interactive, efficient workshops we will help you formulate a strategy that addresses your unique organizational goals and challenges. In parallel, we will integrate all critical data from CMDBs, DCIM, ITSM and other tools to provide complete visibility to properly plan, accelerate, de-risk and reduce cost for cloud migration projects. We will lay out pros and cons of different options for migration methods and target infrastructure. 

Our Cloud Optimization Service starts with total visibility through the use of specialized cloud management platforms. It is a detailed capture of your cloud assets, designed to pinpoint optimization opportunities, security vulnerabilities and document shared objectives.

What you get

  • Clarity of Vision: Create a common, documented vision to evolve cloud services
  • Momentum of Action: Pivot from analysis to action. Show rapid results while addressing key questions about how long, how much and what matters most
  • Safely Operate in the Cloud: Minimize defects and errors in architecture and secure operations
  • Improved Efficiency of Spend: Create opportunities to drive economies of scale, improve transparency, and optimize spend
  • Alignment of Corporate and Cloud Technology Priorities: Survey tools highlight a 360 degree view of priorities and goals
  • And if you need more help, our certified cloud experts are available to stand in for you to run your cloud operations. 

How you use it

Our Paragon Cloud Adoption Services are tailored for each individual client. Using the approach of meeting you where you are and delivering the next piece of value, we accelerate your cloud journey. 


  • Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good 
  • Start by starting 
  • Embrace the spirit of continual improvement