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Amazon Web Services

Changing CX with Amazon Connect

Customer Experience Outcomes 

Transform the Customer Experience

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Improved NPS
Improve your NetPromoter Score by delivering world class Customer Experiences. If the customer had to reach out to you, make sure that’s a positive lasting experience.
Greater brand loyalty

Improve your First Call Resolution, provide a personal touch, quickly deliver information to the customer or to the agent engaging with the customer.

Deep understanding with customer journeys
Greater insight in to customer behavior before they reached the Contact Center allows for fast service and better outcomes.



AI-powered rich features to empower agents and wow customers.


Customers can reach you how they want, when they want; SMS, WhatsApp, email, voice and more.

Outbound Campaigns
Use Outbound Campaigns to reach your customer via email, SMS or voice. Leverage Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Connect to engage with your customers.
Generative AI in the Contact Center
Provide GenAI and ChatGPT style interactions through Amazon Lex bots and to support your agents with knowledge base lookups in real-time with Wisdom and Kendra.
Custom Agent Applications
Let us develop a custom agent application that manages all your workflows, surfaces information from many sources and empowers your agents to keep your customers happy.
Bots and Virtual Agents
Provide conversational self-service options to your customers leveraging Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra. Personalization will take that experience to the next level.
With rich analytic tools, react to negative situations in real-time and mine valuable sentiment and performance data with tools like Contact Lens and QuickSight.