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With a decrease in personnel and an increase in the number of total public safety calls, our nation’s Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) require transformational solutions to ensure non-emergency calls receive timely and effective attention, without impacting wait times for emergency calls. AgentX is the solution to streamline and automate non-emergency calls by integrating with your current websites or FAQ pages using advanced AI techniques to provide your citizens with timely, helpful information to address their non-emergency issues. Many cities have informational websites and social media campaigns to address non-emergency concerns, but some citizens still call the PSAP when the proverbial “cat is stuck in the tree”.

Who is AgentX?
  • AI supported automated call handling system.
  • Built on proven AWS technologies
  • Your new reliable agent for your contact center operations
AgentX outcome driven benefits
  • Easy and quick to download and configure (time to market)
  • Price conscious for both large and small organizations (cost reduction)
  • Provides a support model for AgentX care and feeding (risk mitigation)

AgentX additional benefits...
  • Uses AWS services and best practices
  • Provides all features of call handling
  • AI and advanced functions
  • Sold through AWS Marketplace
  • Consolidated AWS billing
  • Data driven approaches



AI-powered rich features to empower agents and delight callers.

Human-like qualities
Provide conversational self-service options to your callers leveraging AgentX's multi-linqual abilities (using Speech Synthesis Markup Language) to take that experience to the next level. With 18 languages and 27 dialects, AgentX is ready to chat with almost everyone.
Omni-Channel (Digital)

Customers can reach you how they want, when they want; SMS, WebChat, voice and more.

Affordable Call Transfers
Whether it's transferring calls between departments and agencies or integrating with your current SIP infrastructure, AgentX makes it happen efficiently.
End-to-end Call Recording
As an optional service, call recording can be enabled.
Analytics and Dashboards

With rich analytic tools, provide the information you need to see how effective your Q&A's are in addressing your callers. 

Call volume, characteristics and performance metrics can also be investigated using the same interface.

AgentX Acceleration

Use our specialist professional services skills to identify your caller needs and optimize their experience and your cost

PSAP Integration (Advanced Feature)

Use data captured by your PSAP to populate your automated call dialogue and integrate with our CAD system

Generative AI in the Contact Center (Advanced Feature)
Leverage GenAI capabilities to support your callers with diverse knowledge base answers in real-time.